A Secret Tip for Notebook Lovers

Some people here and a lot of others in real life know how fond I am of stationery.

Worse still, I just can’t resist the appeal of brand-new notebooks.

In fact, I end up unwillingly collecting them because it’s obvious that I buy them way quicker than I can fill them up.

Today, I discovered the paradise of small notebooks. Cute ones, stylish ones, Moleskine, you-name-it, they’re all there, oh my! My heart nearly skipped a beat.

If you’re a notebook-lover on a visit to Paris, you shouldn’t miss Le Carré d’Encre, just a few streets away from the department stores, Saint Lazare and Madeleine.

The website doesn’t do them justice at all. In addition to a fabulous selection of notebooks, they have crafts supplies for scrapbooks, lots of mail art supplies and stamps customization for special occasions like wedding and baby announcements. Apparently they’re owned by La Poste, the French national post office, but it is a one-of-a-kind high-end stationery shop.


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