Fall Projects

I don’t know about you, but when I return from summer holidays, I am full of ideas, projects, good resolutions and perfect dreams. There must be something in the air.

It’s like January all over again, except that I’m refreshed (unlike in January) and days are longer, and fall light is so golden and beautiful that it makes me more optimistic, energetic and confident about my projects.

That, and the prospect of spanking new notebooks and pens.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a lot of time alone, which I spent brainstorming in all directions. I also did quite a lot of culling and Bookmooch inventory (more about this later!)

I’ve been thinking about this blog too and how I should adapt it to my current interests and real life. I don’t mean to go all over the place or say private things here, but I’d like to open the scope of books I present here. I read mostly book blogs, but also a lot of so-called mommy blogs (although I don’t like this name, it’s as depreciating as chick-lit in my mind).

So here are my plans:

  • blog about cookbooks (I borrow at least one every time I go to the library)
  • blog about children’s books (after all, I go through around 5 a week, so I’m going to present only those I love)
  • continue the Wednesday writing sessions and post updates (I’ve given myself one more week before starting anew)
  • review sooner all the books I’ve finished (I told you I had dreams!)
  • blog more efficiently (30 minutes posts, keep posts short and to the point, learn more about blog writing in general)

What are your reading and blogging plans?


4 thoughts on “Fall Projects

  1. It’s wonderful to come back in the fall feeling refreshed and rested. I have only the modest goal of blogging as much as possible, which will mean once a week at most. Oh, well — if I can do that, it will be an improvement on the summer!

  2. I’m planning to improve my blogs and finished reading three books that I left aside. (By the end of this year!!)

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