Random Post

I’m a grown woman, but I discover that I don’t deal well with departures, changes, grief in general. Do I have abandonment issues? It’s so hard for me to swallow some things that otherwise may look unimportant and natural to others. I’m learning, but it takes time. Lots of. And even more than expected. Perhaps I should throw expectations by the window too.

In the meantime, I should just acknowledge how grateful I am to have received from this website One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you! I’m not good at memes, but if you read this post, consider yourself nominated too!

For all those cold nights ahead, here’s my gift and recommendation for y’all: the BBC is broadcasting adaptations from the lovely Swedish mystery writers Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö (I’ll probably never get the writing right without checking, but you might read more of my admiration for them here or here), starting with Roseanna. Added bonus: you have one year to listen to it, instead of the one week regular BBC deadline. But truly, why wait a year?

Since I have never been to Sweden, listening to the opening scenes conjures up images from Estonia, as we rode the bus years ago from Tallinn to the small island of Saaremaa: lots of woods, birch trees, a flat, quiet land, a bit dull, but just slow and steady and right to the point. Inspiring wisdom.

You know what? I’m in the mood for more Martin Beck.


4 thoughts on “Random Post

  1. Ha, well, I am in the middle of struggling in a truly ungainly and unsuccessful fashion with change and loss! So I offer much sympathy and solidarity. I am finding that it all takes SO much longer than I expect to make the necessary transitions. Beck on the radio sounds great, though, and hurray for the blog award. These things do perk up a day.

  2. Have you read The Brothers by Asko Sahlberg? It’s a novella, a Finnish (oh goodness, I think it’s Finnish – I hope I haven’t gotten that wrong) drama that is utterly beautiful. In a dark, wintery sort of way.

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