Out with the Words! In with the Numbers!

In 2013 I should probably resolve to stop apologizing for not posting or being late, but it might be beyond my control.

At least I can resolve not to apologize for my nerdiness: I love reading stats! That’s not the point of this blog, but that’s just an added bonus. And now that I’ve done this for several years, I can really look for trends. So without further ado, here they are:

– Books read: 60 books this year… what? It’s clearly down from the last 2 years and more like the early baby years. But it’s still more than one a week, and with some chunksters read last year and a kind of slump mid-year, I don’t have anything to blush about.

– Number of mysteries: 23. It means that more than every third book I pick has some violence in it (and I bet that it’s more than every second TV show). I love suspense, so that’s easily explained, but that realization is a bit disturbing. I should perhaps learn to turn toward something mellower. But Italian mysteries won’t help this new year, I bet.

– Number of non-fiction: 12, one fifth in total.

– Number of books from American or British writers: 37, which makes more than 60%. It’s a naturally growing inclination, and if I really want to get serious with a diverse reading I have to fight hard and long. Italian mysteries might help.

– Number of books from European writers (except UK): 16 (hurray for… Italian mysteries!)

– Number of books from the rest of the world: 7

– Number of books published before 1945: 8 – that’s more or less the same as the previous years, except for my first blogging year when I was clearly under a classic spell. I wish I could do more, but clearly contemporary books are often more tempting than a classics for which I always believe that I will have more time for later.

I’ll resist making big resolutions that I can’t obviously follow, but I’d love to be a bit more intentional in my reading, to choose more wisely and not get lured by alluring books with their pretty front pages. For the meantime, I’m still playing with my list of favorites and will post them soon!



2 thoughts on “Out with the Words! In with the Numbers!

  1. I do love reading bloggers’ stats! I think 60 is very impressive for a working mother! And somehow crime violence can be soothing, because you know it will all get fixed neatly in the end. When I’m stressed I’d rather read about people killing one another than falling in love! 🙂

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