Never Say Never

Back in the early years of this blog (i’m talking 2007, not the Ice age), I once reviewed a crime thriller by Veit Heinichen set in the Italian city of Trieste. The book was quite promising (especially the setting and the main character) but I had this sentence:

the latest trend, following the success of Sweden-based Henning Mankell thrillers, is to discover untapped Euro-thrillers preferably in suitably squalid places you’d never go to for a holiday.

Among my colleagues I have a reputation for spending my holidays in unexpected places that nobody can put on a map without first checking Wikipedia… Guess what? We’re going to the region of Trieste in a week’s time and we’ll spend some days trying to figure out the frontiers between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy!

I had the weird feeling that I’m going to step into a crime novel, but then I checked Wikipedia and it seems that James Joyce spent years in Trieste. I had no clue! So… not only genre fiction but classics too are awaiting me!

Since I started to investigate Trieste in books, I have come up with several other writers linked to the city (Italo Svevo, Claudio Magris, even Freud, Kafka…) and several books set there (none of which I have read):

  • Jan Morris, Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere
  • Domnica Radulescu, Train to Trieste
  • Joseph Cary, A Ghost in Trieste

What about books set in Trieste, Croatia and Slovenia, have you any recommendation?


9 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. There’s Ann Bridge’s classic, Illyrian Spring (I think it’s called! Better check my spelling…). I have heard that the Dalmatian Coast is absolutely gorgeous, so I am sure you will have a splendid holiday! Photos, please. 🙂

    • I’m not gone yet but part of the pleasure in the holidays lies in the anticipation and the (literary) preparation! I’ll try to make at least a few decent pix. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Both sets of my grandparents emigrated to America from Slovenia! I am FB friends with a distant cousin who is still there and who I just recently discovered. Hopefully, I will be going to visit next year. You should have a splendid time; it’s beautiful I understand. I would be interested if you find any books set there. Have a wonderful vacation and I agree with Litlove, please post photos.

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