The (Low-Tech) Book Jar in Progress


Remember when I was complaining about a book slump,  not knowing what book to read next (hum, I mean, after I finish the huge pile on my nightstand)?

I wanted to create a Book Jar like Alex in Leeds did. (If you don’t know about this creative and low-tech way to choose books, head over there, it will inspire you!).

I really wanted to (and already started to think about jar and paper and the practical stuff), until I just realized that I just hadn’t a list of books to put in the jar! Duh…

So, the first step is a virtual Book Jar. A paper one in my beloved notebook, in which I list all the books I wish to read. As low tech as you can get.

I try to keep a (healthy?) mix between books I own (TBR pile, here I come!), library books and books to buy (or to be given as a present, wink wink). And I hope this last category will not make the bulk of the jar, for the sake of my tiny apartment and my crowded shelves. I also named authors that I’ve already read and loved, and that I hope one day to get to know them better, like Judith Flanders or Janet Malcolm. And added books that fellow bloggers have been raving about.

As you can see, the book jar is far from full yet. But once I have enough titles I’ll take it to the next level with a real jar.

PS. By the way, the pile that holds the notebook open is all the books I’ve finished and have yet to post about!


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