New Series: Paris Bookshops

I know, this is a bit cliché for a book blog, but I love bookstores and I love to share the good places! I tend to write here about faraway places I find during my holidays, but shouldn’t I mention the nearer and dearer ones as well?

So here’s a new series about bookshops I love in Paris. So that, if any of you come and visit, you’ll know for sure where to go. They’re probably aren’t on any tourist map, nor are they particularly close to tourist attractions (Parisians tend to stay in their turf). They’re not chain stores either (because I don’t like to browse there) and most of them don’t stock up books in foreign languages (unless otherwise mentioned).

2013-04-25 13.21.18The first one is a bookstore specialized in comic books and graphic novels. I visited a week ago in search for a present… shh… It’s very close to my home. Despite the limited space, they have a very diverse selection, so that I’ve never come out empty-handed. And the shop doesn’t feel cramped! They have one wall on mangas, one wall for traditional French-Belgian large format serial books, one corner for graphic novels, a nook for humor books. The cellar displays and sells art posters. The people there are very friendly and know how to navigate customers towards books they’ll enjoy. They let you browse and take your time (something that’s not always the case in a French shop) and they organize plenty of book-signing events.

If you visit the bookstore you should take the opportunity to take a look at the neighborhood of Batignolles, which was an independent village until the 1860s and retains a peaceful, family oriented atmosphere. Not so many buses and metros are crossing the area, so that it’s really best to explore it by foot. There are many restaurants, bars, shops (lots of deli-style specialties) and parks around its little white church (don’t picture anything like the little house in the prairie though, it’s rather square and looks like that).

If you can’t make it just yet, you can visit the bookshop’s website!


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