Life May Resume After Potter (Somehow)

Hhmm, I’m not even remotely sorry to have devoted all my leisure time (reading time, commuting time, napping time, blogging time) since… something like a month or two to the famous Harry. It was all worth every minute of it.

I’m so happy to have read the whole saga, even though I missed all the hype by a few years at least. At the time, all these Potter fans were getting on my nerves (why are they all so ecstatic? why are they waiting in line in the middle of the night at the bookshops’ doors?), but now, I know I would have been one of them, had I been a decade or two younger.

Now, getting back to other books after Potter is tricky.

Getting back to normal life itself is tricky too.

I needed 7 volumes of escapism and magic to adjust to a real big event, that has nothing to do with writing and reading, but more to do with not-writing and not-reading: I’m expecting another child for early next year! Just like the first time, it feels as if the future baby has robbed me of some of my creative energy, but now I know by experience that it will come back.

Yes, I will (sooner or later) resume my posts here, tell you all about the numerous books I’ve read this spring (and it was not only “What to expect when you’re expecting”, don’t worry), but it may take a little time. This blogger is getting rounder by the minute, and that slows me down!

PS. I’ve heard of mothers who were hooked to Harry Potter at the latest stage of pregnancy, even in the labor ward, and soon after birth (it surely beats medical treatments). I somehow wish I had the freshness of discovery ahead of me once again… but I’d love to hear about other addictive book suggestions for the months ahead!


4 thoughts on “Life May Resume After Potter (Somehow)

  1. A new baby – how exciting! I’ve never read any of the Potter books, though I took my son to a few of those midnight parties to buy the book. But wow! They took over a pregnant woman’s nap time? :-).

  2. Congratulations! A friend of mine read the entire Katharine Kerr Deverry sequence that begins with ‘Daggerspell’ during the last months of her pregnancy. It’s excellently written and if you haven’t already come across it then I strongly recommend it, especially as it runs to fifteen books.

  3. Congratulations – what an exciting time – hope you do manage to get some reading done, though. I seem to remember that decreasing dramatically after my second child.
    My older son and I both really enjoyed Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy (Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath), if you haven’t come across it yet. It was originally written in German, so don’t know which translation you might enjoy more, into French or English.

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