Alice Munro for Nobel Prize!

I have a to-do list about as long as my actual size and so many books to post about, but it seems more urgent to rejoice about the Nobel Prize awarded to Alice Munro this year.

That’s fantastic news! I didn’t quite know what to think of Mo Yan (I have read him, yes, and I think it’s interesting to try him when it comes to Chinese contemporary literature, but I don’t love his work that much), but I’m quite definite about Munro: she’s one of my favorite writers!

Here are a few posts about her short story collections I have read throughout the years:

Wow, it seems that I read an Alice Munro collection every two years, and I haven’t read anything for 2013 yet!

Thank you guys at the Nobel Prize to remind me 😉 ! I definitely read others back in the days (Middle Ages, really) when I had no blog (I remember enjoying The Love of a Good Woman, or Runaway or Hateship, Friendship…) and so it’s high time I hurry to buy and read her latest collection before the end of year!


3 thoughts on “Alice Munro for Nobel Prize!

  1. I have to bow my head with shame and admit that I haven’t read Munro, mainly because I’m not a short story reader and so there has been nothing from her output that would naturally appeal to me. I seem to remember someone in the blogging world making a point of reading and commenting on one short story a week. Perhaps i should set myself up with that asa challenge and then Munro would inevitably find her way onto my tbr list.

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