Holidays Hodgepodge

Ornaments-smallI hope your bookish wishes have been fulfilled (or are being fulfilled) during these holidays and I wish you all a merry season with enough time to read and write if you are so inclined!

I spent years dillydallying about e-readers… until I got one for Christmas! Dear Mr. S, apparently fed up of my saying yes and no within the same hour, took the matter into his own hands and put it under the Christmas tree, with a shiny, very stylish Kindle paperwhite. I’m very impressed!

I, the old techno-dinosaur, have now little choice but to learn swimming by jumping in the deep end. But the reassuring bit is that I know that many of my faithful blog friends out there have had their own devices for years now.

So, what is your best piece of advice? Can you remember the first title you downloaded on your e-reader? Do you have recommendations about navigating the maze of apparently free books?

In the countdown to 2014 and the fast-approaching arrival of the new baby, I (still) have hopes to review these books I finished:

  • A Quiet Flame by Philip Kerr
  • For All the Tea in China, by Sarah Rose
  • Faithful Place by Tana French
  • The Year of the Volcano, by Jean-François Parot

And to finish those still on my nightstand (my nightstand is pretty crowded with baby care books and old books collecting dust, I only list here the books that are – realistically – nearing the end):

  • How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed, by Slavenka Drakulic
  • In the Woods by Tana French (can you tell I’m hooked?)
  • A Life’s Work: On Becoming a Mother, by Rachel Cusk (I am not technically becoming a mother anymore, as this is baby #2, but I remember Litlove’s high praises on this one when Baby #1 was born so the timing seemed right this time around)

I know the change of year is mostly symbolic (although the birth isn’t indeed), but I really feel as if I had a reading and posting deadline for the next few days. How about you?


6 thoughts on “Holidays Hodgepodge

  1. You won’t be sorry to have a e-reader. It doesn’t replace books but it is a very handy supplement sometimes. I use mine mostly when we travel (no more stacks of paperbacks in the suitcase) and when we get stuck in one of those medical time crevasses with hours in waiting rooms (and I’ve seen all those magazines already).

    I rarely pay for ebooks. Many classics are available from Amazon free and I recommend the site Project Gutenberg. For example, I recently decided I wanted to read Frederick Douglas’ autobiography. I didn’t need to buy copy or hope that the library had it, I could sit at my computer and download it free. Now it sits quietly in my Kindle, taking no shelf space and not needing to be dusted, until I get around to reading it.

  2. I think you have to be wary of reading books just because you can get them free on your e-reader. I started out that way but very soon realised that I wasn’t reading what I wanted to read. If a book is good enough to read it is probably good enough to spend some money on.

    I’m so glad you’ve discovered and love Tana French. I wish there was another one on the way soon, but nothing advertised as yet.

  3. The only reason I’ve come across for wanting an ereader is the fact that you can get ALL Elizabeth von Arnim’s books for a couple of pounds. They are SO hard to get hold of in print and I am a huge fan. So that’s my big recommendation now you have your new kindle white! I do hope you enjoy the Rachel Cusk – I found that a raw and beautiful book.

  4. So out of the loop have I been–and now I can confirm–congrats on the forthcoming new baby! Very exciting! And the Kindle is fun, too! 🙂 I haven’t been able to convert alas–my Nook remains off most of the time. But you never know…and sometimes I come across books that are only available as ebooks. It will likely come in very handy with the new baby! Best wises to you and your family in 2014!

  5. Congrats on the ereader! I hope you enjoy it. I love taking my Kindle with me when I leave the house. So convenient! For free ebooks I recommend Project Gutenberg as someone else has done. They are wonderful!

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