This place is awfully quiet, I do realize. I’m just briefly checking in for a bullet points post and hopefully I’ll be back soon.

– I have resumed my full-time job at the end of the maternity leave, so I’m still adjusting to the new «routine» with the 2 kids and have still to figure out how to fit blogging into my day. As you can see. If you have any tips, I’m all ears. Eyes. Whatever.

– By the way, blogging sometimes feels like running. Once you’ve fallen out of the bandwagon, it’s awfully sore to get back into the momentum. I must have thought about this post twenty times, and never got round to do it. I’m rusty, but I’m still here.

– As a matter of fact, I do write. But not here. Lots of lists for my daily life, but not only. I’m trying to take notes of the early babyhood stage and I hope I’ll manage a routine of diary writing. I’m very tempted by gratitude journals, but I lack the discipline. I’m still playing with an old story I’ve had for ages and I still care about it. But time is short, as is my attention span.

– Talking about attention span, reading also got more difficult, because Baby doesn’t really sleep through the night just yet. I’ve discovered that under these circumstances, I have little patience with books. I need plot, I need action, otherwise I’ll just fall asleep (and it’s not a vain threat, I’m literally falling asleep every chance I get). I’m still struggling with the right book to choose for these troubled times, and for the moment, the follow-up of the Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas made the cut where several other titles failed to grab my attention long enough.

– Talking about the Musketeers, I’m reading it on my Kindle, and I try to highlight all the location bits (every time Dumas mentions an address or a place in Paris). It’s something I’d wished to have done with the first novel in retrospect, with the hope to end up with a literary map of Musketeers’ Paris. The Kindle makes it so much easier and fun. Have you ever done or heard of such a reading for a book?

5 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. We’re all still here and only too grateful to hear from you one in a while to know that all is well. No tips for how to manage, I’m afraid, but lots of good wishes if that’s any help.

  2. One of the nice things about highlighting passages on the Kindle — and you may already know this — is that you can open the My Clippings file from your computer and copy and paste any or all of the highlighted material.

    That you can find the energy to post anything at all while managing two children and a full-time job is very impressive.

  3. You’ve certainly got a lot to juggle and family rightly comes before blogging! Very cool you are keeping track of all the places mentioned in the Musketeers book! Should you ever get the time you could go to the locations and take photos and share them 🙂 There are books about “literary places” and I am pretty sure there is one specifically on Dickens, but I’ve not come across anyone doing something with a particular book so if you made a project of it it would be quite fun (for us anyway!).

  4. Good luck: most impressive, juggling children, family, job and reading/writing! Don’t worry about us: we’re always happy to hear from you. Only piece of advice I can give (and you may already be doing this) is to have a notebook with you at all times in which you can jot down not just To Do lists, shopping lists, reminders, but also ideas for writing, quotes, etc. OK, maybe most people use an iPhone for that nowadays, but I still prefer a notebook.

  5. Hello! As you know I am in quite a similar situation. My reading is slow at its very best – never mind writing! Did you keep a newborn journal with your first? i did and it has been an immensely helpful resource in caring for our new babe! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone in your sleep-deprived, reading deprived state! I really am trying to enjoy our second baby as much as possible though because we won’t be having more and his tininess is so terribly finite…

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