Wednesday Writing is Baaack!

Before I had children I never thought of myself as loving routine. I was always eager  to learn something new, do something out of the ordinary. But now, give me routine and I’ll sigh in contentment. With an infant (5 month old quite soon!) the only sure thing is that he’ll do something unexpected at the worst possible moment. And the 6-year-old will attempt to be the focus of attention, even if it means launching a disaster.

But I can’t wait until I have teenagers at home to start writing again. I need to carve out some time to write, some regular slot in my crazy week (weekends are too disorganized, but if Mr. S takes the boys to the park sometimes I’ll be glad indeed).Courtney wrote an awesome post about the necessity to write even in the midst of our crazy life, and I recognized myself in every single word (except, she does exercise, and she does write, or at least she says so).

It doesn’t help that my new-ish job doesn’t permit nice lunch breaks I could use for something else. Perhaps I’ll manage it later on, but for now, the Wednesday night writing session seems the best solution. If nothing else, I’ll come here and tell you about some wonderful books I’ve finished ages ago.

A quick bullet points check-in:

  • Reading… The Return of the Dancing Master by Henning Mankell, in audiobook. Prague Fatale by Philipp Kerr, on my Kindle. Perhaps I should try something softer next time around.
  • Listening to… This American Life podcast (when not the audiobook)
  • Feeling… a bit stressed. June is just too hectic, workwise and schoolwise. Remember to breathe. In. Out. And read.
  • Smelling… Clarins Eau dynamisante.
  • Tasting… cherries, shiny and nearly black.
  • Humming… Happy by Pharrell Williams, Hey brother by Avicii.
  • Watching: Shetland, based on Ann Cleeves’ mysteries. (watching the cold rain in June seems exotic. At any other season, it just feels depressingly familiar)
  • Pondering… are blogs a dying trend? who said that?
  • Looking forward to… a good night sleep. The lime trees blooming nearby (soon!).
  • The next thing I’m going to investigate: Bill Viola. Judith Viorst. Food diversification.

What about you’ all, have you read or written anything good lately?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing is Baaack!

  1. Lovely to think we will have you around regularly. If you had been here yesterday you wouldn’t have thought rain in June exotic just down right miserable.

  2. I started writing again slowly, by journaling. And this week I exercised twice – last week three times – next week it could be zero! But they are short stints! Now I really need to create a writing space for me in the house – before kids it was okay to just grab my laptop and plop anywhere but now that “anywhere” is bound to be covered in cereal and toys so i am going to set up an actual space with an actual desk. Oh, I could go on for ages – wish we could talk in person!

  3. I’ve missed so many of your posts, as I was away working for most of the month of June! Hope you manage to find a routine that works for you – even if it’s just a little bit at odd times during the week. Anything to feel calm and in control!

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