WordPress reminds me that I’m a dinosaur. 8 years blogging today, my goodness! My life was different in many ways when I started this blog, but one thing remains: reading is always an important part of my life.

Writing comes and goes, as is posting. Sometimes this place goes awfully quiet, sometimes I post three days in a row. But reading always continues far from the screen. There has been nifty little technological additions to the reading part, like the audiobooks (at some point I’m sure I said that they weren’t real books) and the e-reader (which at some point I said I’d never buy), but I’m still addicted to the old printed book.

I often feel that I should be posting, or should be writing more. But in eight years, I have learned that nothing good comes from apologizing about something not done. I certainly need to get back to some writing routine, but with a baby (and a still-rather-new job), routines are short-lived and perpetually evolving.

Still, this place is an anchor I keep returning to, because it feels like a place where I share a cup of coffee with old friends (I hope you don’t mind being called old!), rave about new bookish discoveries, make plans, vent about bad books (sometimes), show off my latest bookish shopping, share highs and lows and look back on those great books I’ve read in those 8 years. That would be a huge bookshelf indeed!

So make yourself comfortable here, friends, and have a cup of coffee with an old dinosaur!


7 thoughts on “Blogiversary!

  1. Happy Blogiversary! I’m delighted you still find the time to post occasionally – it’s very hard with small children, but lovely for us that you do. 🙂

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