A Practical Question: Selling Collectible Books?

To depart from my usual concerns, I’d like to put this practical question out there:

I wish to sell two books by Alice Duer Miller, The White Cliffs and Forsaking All Others, in original print versions from the 1930s-1940s. Have you ever experienced selling collectible / old books via a platform (Amazon or other)? What would you recommend? Any suggestion as to assessing a good price? I am pretty sure that IRL French book antiquarians will not be interested in a foreign editions that don’t quite qualify as centuries-old.


One thought on “A Practical Question: Selling Collectible Books?

  1. I have certainly bought plenty of used books on eBay and they sell many which are collectible. Their advantage is that eBay is international and you reach a great many people. Be careful in your description of condition. Real collectors are fussy.

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