Why I Don’t Write (13 False Excuses)

– because I have no time

– because whenever I have a good idea I’m in a train and I don’t like people looking over my shoulder

– because I don’t have my favorite pen

– because I don’t know in what language to write

– because I could be doing something immediately useful instead

– because my handwriting is ugly and when would I possibly type this over?

– because characters of my stories have gone quiet on me

– because I never finish stories

– because all I think of is bullet points

– because I have an awesome book to read / podcast to listen to and they tell stories way better than I’ll ever do

– because the constant pings in my inbox and social media have reduced my attention span to that of a hummingbird’s

– because all the good stories have been told

– because I’ll write tomorrow


6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Write (13 False Excuses)

  1. I can add a few:
    – because I am tired right now
    – because although I know more or less what I want to say I don’t know how to get started
    – someone else has already said it better
    About the bullet points– writing reports and PowerPoint presentations deflects the wide-ranging imagination you need for fiction.

  2. I’m glad you recognize these as all nonsense. I just saw something funny on a friend’s tubmlr – it said “If you are worried that your writing isn’t good enough – stop. Temperatures are rising and soon all writing – good and bad – will be under water.

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