6 Books that will take me to 2015


As much as I like the idea of a clean slate, I never finish all the books by New Year’s Eve and start with new ones on January 1st. And this year, I’m not even trying… So here’s a quick list of books that I am currently in the middle of. As you’ll see, I have a bad case of startitis:

  • Judith Flanders, The Victorian City: Everyday life in Dickens’ London: this one is very very big, but full of delightful discoveries. I love how Judith Flanders can make the past alive in a multitude of details, like when she described the Victorian home. I am in absolutely no hurry to finish it.
  • A biography of Paul Gauguin written in the 1960s. Because I wanted to understand how a man could turn his life around to go to Polynesia. There must be a lot more to it.
  • Jean-François Parot, L’Honneur de Sartine. Another Nicolas Le Floch investigation set in Paris in 1780, not yet translated to English I believe. This one comes before the Russian investigation I read a while ago, but I don’t mind. I listen to the audiobook and it’s a lot of fun.
  • Evguenia Ginzburg, Into the Whirlwind: a memoir of being caught in the Stalin terror and sent to the Gulag. Riveting, if not exactly fun. That’s why I can’t read it every night, that would be too depressing (who am I kidding?)
  • Alice Munro, Dear Life, a recent short story collection. Because I have to return to Munro every 2 years or so.
  • Michael Connelly, The Gods of guilt, another Mickey Haller investigation. He doesn’t even try to weave guilt issues into the plot, he says so on the cover in huge golden letters. I love me a good noir (does he qualify to the genre? In my book, yes)

Whether you celebrate or prefer to curl up with a good book by the fireside, I hope that you’ll enjoy the last of 2014 and that I’ll find you here next year for more bookish conversations! Best wishes and happy holidays!


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