The Writing Resolution: January Status

Without really realizing it, I did indeed write every single day in January. And for 27 out of 31, a lot more than the minimum threshold of 50 words!

It definitely proves that it’s easier for me to do something every day than something every week, even on a set day of the week. I’m a routine kind-of girl (even if they’re nerdy routines). And knowing that I have this activity in my daily schedule (just like brushing my teeth, I guess) just makes it accessible, not something to dread or fuss about.

When I’d established the Writing Wednesdays, I saw Tuesdays coming with a tad of anxiety: what was I to write on the next day? Would the creativity be there at all?

Now, I don’t pause, I just need to choose if it’s easier for me to write during my lunch break, on my commute (thanks to the wordpress app on my phone), or after the boys are in bed. I can write on my private blog or here, or I can journal (which is often more jotting down lists of ideas in random order than a proper text). It doesn’t even mean that I have to spend my whole evening on it and wake up exhausted the next day.

And yes, don’t ask, but I count the words and write it down. I won’t apologize, but it just helps somehow. The tally says 7600 words for this month, and I can’t say I sweated that much.

Does it mean it’s easy and natural to me after one month? I wish, but no.

I still have to face my demon, the story ending. After one month I am no closer to finishing a fictional story (any of them). Maybe it’s the left-brain thing and my resolution is too more right-brain or vice-versa, but I just can’t get fictitious characters to move, live and do something in such small spurts of writing time. I can do memoir pieces, and I can do close-to-reality fiction, but nothing more. And when I feel the anxiety coming, there’s always a good book to blog about here, so, you know, I chicken out.

Well, I have still 11 months to find out a good strategy…


6 thoughts on “The Writing Resolution: January Status

  1. Congratulations on following through on the daily writing. In time I’m sure that you will evolve and understanding of what works. It was Anthony Trollope who set himself a goal of a certain number of words every day. He got up early each morning and got it done. He was mocked when he admitted to this in his autobiography, but I don’t see it that way. He knew what he wanted to accomplish and he took the method that worked for him, not waiting for some distant inspiration.

  2. Well done on the daily writing. I find it very difficult to find any time for writing but I’m going to keep persevering. Love the new look of your blog too. 🙂

  3. Good for you! I have to aim, at least, for daily writing – then if it doesn’t happen one day I try and prioritize it the next, and so on and so forth. I agree – I think it’s ultimately the easiest way to write (hey, it works for Stephen King!)

  4. Yay! Good for you! I’m sure the fictional stories will get figured out eventually if you just keep writing like you have been. Don’t stress yourself out about it, be proud of what you did in January. February is going to be great too, I know it! 🙂

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