A short housekeeping post

I’ve been quick to dismiss it before as too self-helpy for a rational, grown-up French gal like me, but I must say it works, those “choose a word for the year” and those tips about crafting a resolution that might actually work.

I said I would report my progress here, and so it is: In February, I wrote every single day but 2. I forced myself to write more on my private blog where I work on a short story and other unfinished fiction stuff.

It was hard. Harder than in January in fact. I have moved past the novelty stage and it is more like a real routine, with its ups and downs. It’s easier to do it every day, but sometimes I find I have simply nothing to say! The short story is not over yet , and I’m not even sure it would qualify as “short” anymore. I am forcing myself to move forward and not edit, so I’m sure that a lot of my daily words are crap. I am stalling, because I should end with a nice “bang” resolution, and it is awfully difficult to produce a “bang” on 20-30 minutes a day.

Nevertheless I found that writing on my phone during my commute at the end of the day works well: better for book posts, and less for fiction but anyway… It makes a good transition and I am less tempted to brood over stressful unfinished job things once home. Funnily enough, during the few days off I took this month it was even harder to write or carve out that time during the day. I ended up writing on my phone in bed (much to my shame!)

I am immensely inspired by Alex’ 101 Goals in 1001 Days, so I feel paltry with my one tiny goal. But so far so good. See you end of March for another update, and hopefully the one short story will be finished by then!


As I was grumbling and sighing once more for missing out on my favorite bloggers’ latest posts, I have resolved to abandon WordPress Reader and turn to Feedly. The transition seems okay so far. I have been able to import my blogs list in a few seconds. What RSS reader are you using and loving?

The only downside I see so far is that I won’t be able to “like” WordPress posts anymore with the easy-lazy gold star feature, but as a blogger I enjoy real comments far more than gold stars, so it will force me to be more personal and comment more!


6 thoughts on “A short housekeeping post

  1. Well done – you should celebrate this triumph, even if you feel it’s a small success. I’m still struggling with it. I suppose I do write every day – except that I tend to only think of my novel as ‘real’ writing.

  2. I’ve taken a page from your book and having been trying to write something every day since the beginning of March. It’s helping progress on my latest novel tremendously, because that’s where my focus has been.

    I’ve been using bloglovin’ to keep up with blogs. I like it, but it’s hard to get from it to the actual blog when I’m using my phone. I still use WordPress reader as well.

  3. I think setting one goal and sticking to it, more or less, is a great accomplishment! Particularly when it’s a goal that needs to be acted on daily. Nice job!! I use Feedly and it works great for me. I haven’t been in the habit of “liking” posts on WordPress, so I don’t miss that. For me, Feedly is basically a good substitute for the long-lost Google Reader.

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