A short bullet post

In May I will (probably):

  • write a little every day
  • follow MOOCs (my latest passion!), notably that on Iliad and the Trojan war offered by Colgate University via EDX, and the self-paced course on historical fiction,named Plagues, Witches and War, offered by University of Virginia and full of videos by writers such as Geraldine Brooks
  • sew something (springtime somehow makes me grab my needle)
  • cook something with cardamom, and chia seeds, not necessarily together (the chia craze has crossed the Atlantic)
  • spend lots of time with the family (May has so many French public holidays)
  • try my own personal combination between a bullet journal and a commonplace book (can’t seem to choose)
  • dream about my forthcoming trip to the US!

Books I look forward to reading:

  • Janet Malcolm, The Journalist and the murderer
  • Patrick Deville, Kampuchea
  • Mollie Panter-Downes, London War Notes (I just received the Biannually catalogue of Persephone, and I’m highlighting way too many titles!)

What are you reading these days?


4 thoughts on “A short bullet post

  1. Ooh, a May list! I love it! My May weekends are oddly full with travel and friends visiting so I am hoping to accomplish quite a bit during the week, but I haven’t formalized my goals yet – I have one more day!

  2. A very laudable list! I fear the many, many school holidays this coming month will mean the death of my novel (April wasn’t too good either, with school holidays and work happening quite a bit). I too am signed up for an online poetry course and am finding it very interesting, challenging (bewildering, given the class sizes and less-than-perfect discussion forums), but also taking up a lot of my time.
    Enjoy your May! And good luck with all of the plans – when are you off to the States, then?

  3. I will be interested in hearing what you think of Plagues, Witches and War. I took it when it first went up and gave up on it a little over halfway through because I thought most of the book choices were so terrible. I hope you have better luck!

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