The writing resolution: April Status

I’m quite happy to report that in April, I managed to write 28 out of 30 days. That felt almost like a true habit (it is often said in women’s magazine that you need 21 days to form a habit, but as a matter of fact, for me and this particular habit, I’d say 100 days would be a better number – I don’t know if it’s encouraging or depressing).

It felt great to finish a story (on April 3), but I didn’t quite managed to revise it up to now (taking a print copy everywhere with me doesn’t count), and as I had no momentum for another story right afterwards, my writing was more scattered this month. But I was also more on the blog, which was more fun (even if I didn’t quite write as many book posts as I wanted!). Writing here is also a chance to interact with you all, and I have tried in recent days to comment more and not just to lurk around.

I realized that I needed, not exactly a posting schedule, but a kind of record of my writing to be able to aggregate bits and bobs into complete stories. I do keep a private blog, which is an ideal tool to be able to write on the go (in my phone), but blog posts are not easy to aggregate and they’re not meant to be shuffled around into a complete story.

I wonder if I’m not missing out on some other clever technology. Torn apart between hi-tech and lo-tech, I have fallen in love with the bullet journal (in Moleskine!) and that’s where everything I need to do in my private life ends up. Just today I got a glimpse of MarinaSofia’s post-it wall and I’m full of admiration.

What trick do you use to keep track of your writing?


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