The Writing Resolution: June Status

With less holidays and disruptions in the routine, June has been a rather effortless month for writing.

Or rather less effortful, if I may say so.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t need, like previous months, a few days off. But at least I don’t require so much self-control and self-discipline, and I don’t stress so much and guilt-trip myself about when I’m going to fit a writing slot into my day and what the heck I’m gonna write about.

The downside is that I wrote a lot for journalling purposes and not so much for books posts (you’d have noticed) or short stories. But that’s fine with me.

Also, I have small pockets of time during my commute or during my lunch break but once they’re gone, it’s over for the whole day and I rarely get back to those small tidbits of writing. The result is that I have lots of short, interrupted spurts that go in every direction. I don’t want to change my ways for now, nor do I want to put constraints on my freshly rediscovered creative writing brain. I don’t want to delete them, nor are they automatically worth a larger story, but I’m thinking about patchwork.

Does that make any sense?

Korean Patchwork Jogakbo from Hanji Light

Before I attempt another clumsy comparison (I was trying my hand yesterday at Aphra Behn vs. Madame de Lafayette, and look at where it leads me), I hasten to add that I haven’t sewed any patchwork myself, although I admire them (I’m a lurker of this fabulous site) and have done some stitching in the past.

Ok then, patchwork vs. writing. Both are pieces of art, long-term labor of love. Structure also is important. You have to have the grand idea in mind, then you can adjust the small pieces within the frame in different patterns until you find the best one. Small details pieced together to mean something larger, by repetition or by contrast.

I’m not sure if the comparison is apt, but I’ll bear this in mind during the July month. Maybe I’ll collect enough blocks to create a complete piece soon!


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