The Writing Resolution: July Status

Can someone please tell me how stay-at-home mothers manage to write? I have been working most of July days and my writing routine has run pretty much smoothly those days, but since a few days I’m at home and that’s the time I can’t seem to write anything much. I still stick to the 50 words minimum and it works, but I still haven’t found a definitive direction to my writing.

Which doesn’t bear well for August where we will be away on family vacation, but I guess I’ll try to journal and find an arrangement with Mr. Smithereens for some free half-hours stolen to the schedule somehow.

But alone at home with 2 boys shrieking and running wild? I’m not even facing sibling rivalry, they’re just too excited about playing tag (End of July is when Paris empties itself, so at least we’re not bothering the neighbors). Even if I could sneak some time during the baby’s nap (during which the big boy is reading Harry Potter to himself! heaven!), I’m either too tired or I can’t think straight. Sesame Street is not doing anything for my creative juices.

I have tried to think anew about old unfinished stories: why did I abandon them? Is it a fatal flaw in the plot, characters or just a lack of momentum in my own writing? I find it hard to let these stories go, because at one time I found them valuable. I am still caring for most of them, but I’m convinced that they probably need a complete do-over to work effectively. It reminds me of a post by Dad who writes on Character’s Hauntology. These stories are still haunting me. I guess I have to get to the bottom of why they haunt me first.

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