The Writing Resolution: a brief intermission

Writing by Jonathan Kim on Flickr

I haven’t posted an August update because if you’ve been following this blog during summer, you’ll know that I pretty much interrupted the project for three weeks.

I’m not proud of it because I hadn’t expected it, but I don’t feel guilty either, as I was busy with… life, which makes for the best writing and reading material in the months and years to come.

Before I get back to the regular posts about books, let me just share with you a bit of unexpected wonder. A few days ago, I finished a (tiny) story, and for the first time in a very very long time, I don’t think it totally sucked. Yeah!

(The thing I’m leaving aside here is that during the holidays I tried to edit another story I’d finished during spring, and I really wanted to throw it all away. Whether there’s anything to save in there, I’m not sure. I’ll pick it up again where the leaves will be golden.)

Maybe, just maybe, this project finally pays off and I’m back in the saddle.


3 thoughts on “The Writing Resolution: a brief intermission

  1. Doesn’t motherhood make creativity hard work? I think we underestimate how much creative energy goes into bringing up children… So fantastic news about your story. Hope you continue to turn the tide.

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