The Writing Resolution: September

It may be the crisp air of the mornings, or the new stationery and pens from the “Back-to-School” aisle, or the return to routine after the summer’s adventures, but September has been a good month for writing.

I have written every single day but two, and I have finished a short-short story and started editing it. It’s quite simple and straightforward, but for one who never finishes stories (who never used to finish any story?), it’s not that bad! The next step is to polish it a bit more and to send it to some trusted friends for a fresh look. I have also written many blog posts on my phone, but you haven’t seen them yet because they are lying around in the drafts folder, waiting for a reread, editing and polishing (which I can’t do on my phone). There’s no stopping this old lady who has recently blown her ninth birthday candles! (Are blog-years like dog-years?)

I have recently looked into my drawers for some unfinished texts and found dozens of them. Which one(s) should be saved and resurrected? Which ones are better off left untouched and forgotten? My first idea was to try to complete some small memoir pieces, but I might try some fiction instead.

The colder months and the Nanowrimo are looming: although I have no intention of joining  it whatsoever this year, I like to cheer from the sidelines and remember what an awesome challenge this is. This got me thinking: what story would you write for a Nanowrimo? what story would be worth the sweat and stress and effort of a whole 30-days, 50,000-words adventure? You tell me!


3 thoughts on “The Writing Resolution: September

  1. Well done you! I’m desperately trying to finish up the story I’m meant to be writing for my aunt. I’m so far behind on it. I swear this week I’m going to finish it, this week or next for sure. Must do, must do. I’m not going to sleep any night this week unless I’ve written a few hundred words on it. #resolutions

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