Books for Paris lovers

I had this long-abandoned draft of a blog post titled “Books for Paris lovers”. I meant to show a few titles that I’d selected for family and friends that we’d visited in Massachusetts this summer. Of course we wanted to bring a little something from our hometown to them even if they didn’t speak any French.

Today this draft’s title rings dark, but at the same time I’m so glad to see so many Paris lovers and Paris friends all over the world. My Facebook account has been so full of notifications that I ran over quota and soon after ran out of power.

Running out of power is sadly an adequate metaphor. We feel so powerless. We have been running to the safety and comfort of home all weekend: playing with kids, a short stroll along the river Seine, a banana bread, a filling soup, a small glass of sweet wine…

Libraries were closed, at the same moment when I most needed the comfort of escapist books. I browsed our local bookshop looking for a comfort read. They had been forbidden by the police to put their usual stalls outside on the pavement for safety reasons, but they weren’t closed, and I was thankful of it. I bought the last Inspector Wexford mystery by Ruth Rendell. I always thought that Wexford was a very human investigator, just like Miss Marple, and turning to familiar heroes goes a long way on dark days.

Anyway, books for Paris lovers…

For those who think that French food does always include meat, I recommend The French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini’s fame.

For those who love the Parisian night, there’s this book in laser-cut cardboard (you can play with a torch on a winter night and imagine yourself at the Opera, on the Eiffel Tower…)

For those who want a pretty refresher on all the monuments you should not miss in Paris, there’s a tiny pop-up book, very cute and girly!

Yet I hope that those books won’t be enough and that our foreign friends will still want to come to our beautiful city to see it for real!


3 thoughts on “Books for Paris lovers

  1. I’ve been so sad since Friday’s horrible events. My prayers have been and will continue to be with your great city and country, and with all who are hurting. About your post, the cookbook you wrote about sounds intriguing. And I’m glad to find another fan of Inspector Wexford! I’m slowly making my way through the series. It’s one of my favorites, and I consider them a sort of “comfort reading.” May you and yours continue to be safe and well.

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