The Writing Resolution: November update

writing-828911_640 (Pixabay)November had some low points (to say the least) but at least I held tight. It’s good to have routine and structure when things are stressful and paranoid.

That said, I can tell that neither a head cold nor a national state of emergency are conducive to good writing. More like, I churn words out because it feels good to have done it, but it also feels very meaningless.

Despite difficulties I managed to write every day but for 3 days in the month, and I have made progress in a short story that is started in October during our anniversary weekend. I’m very sure that the story won’t change the sad state of the world we live in but I enjoy having to think about a radically different environment. Plus, it gave me some good excuse to do some research, which I’m only to keen! (I’ve been known to get lost into research, especially when it comes to historical periods).

I can’t believe that I have had this project for 11 months. It feels both short and forever. Certainly a good sign! In theory, I have just one month left (minus a few days already!), but I’m already convinced that I will extend it to 2016. I must thank you in advance, dear readers, for being patient with me: a big part of the project is having accountability, and even so it is sometimes repetitive to post about it every month, it certainly drives the point home that I’d better get writing, no excuse!


2 thoughts on “The Writing Resolution: November update

  1. Way to go! Really impressed that with everything happening you only missed three days. Glad to hear you will be extending your project. It seems from this side that it is really working out well!

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