An almost in/voluntary Blog Hiatus

The first day of the holidays, our home internet line died on us…

Is that an auspicious start for the holidays? The kids screamed “no!”

Is that a good thing for our finance? Probably, while I had a HUGE relief sigh that all our Xmas online shopping was done by then.

Is that a heavenly message that maybe we should curb our addiction to blogs, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and the likes? You know, mysterious way and all… Maybe.

Anyway, that is #!?grr%#?!!… inconvenient (fill in the blanks as you see fit).

20151127_170343There were still many books I wanted to write about before year-end. That won’t probably happen now. Well, I’ll write about them on my phone for editing and publishing later. I’m also printing out my in-progress story and also another just to be sure I have some material to go on. I’m NOT giving up on my write-everyday-resolution 10 days before year-end, do you hear me #!?grr%#?!! internet-supplier?

I’m working on and off during the season so I might get a peek online and say hello, and we can still hope for a miracle. After all, that’s miracle season, right?

In the meantime, I wish you all a great holiday season filled with sweetness, grace, light, fun, love… and books of course!



12 thoughts on “An almost in/voluntary Blog Hiatus

    • Not being able to go online if I wish to is quite different from getting away with a conscious decision. I have objectively so much to read that I needn’t worry, but it’s good to be back! Happy holidays to you!!

  1. Happy New Year Smithereens! I hope all has been put to rights with the internet. It’s not a problem until it’s a problem, right? And then you wonder how you live without things like this. I hope you are managing to fit in some good books between all the work periods. Best wishes to you and your family in 2016!

    • Thank you! I got internet back just when it was time to travel around for family festivals… I’m sure there will be plenty of reading after the holidays too! Best wishes to you too!

  2. Hope you found some positives to the lost internet connection. I tried to stay offline mostly, but my sons would have been devastated if I’d made them do that too… Happy New Year!

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