Writing ’16: April Update

I had finished March with a bang, but somewhere the tide turned, and I finished April feeling all blah. Still, it’s good for me to start the new month with a quick review, and take new directions where needed.

In April I have been here backstage a lot: I have prepared many blog posts about books but it took me ages to finish them, edit and post them up, so that you, poor reader, haven’t seen much of me. Sorry folks… The good news is that these book posts will soon be ready for you! Expect good mysteries and lots of children books…

I have spent less time writing fiction and journaling, because all I could write sounded whiny even to my own ears! In particular, I’d spent time rewriting a piece I’d started several years ago, and somewhere along the way I stumbled upon the realization that I still had no direction. Perhaps, after all, I’d left this one aside for good reasons! The story is probably not meant to be more than a tiny anecdote. Quitting is hard (is it the same for everyone or just me?), but this story has returned at the bottom of the pile in a drawer for now.

These last few weeks I feel that I’m getting better at recognizing what and how I want to write. Naming it is important to me. It’s probably the influence of the “What should I read next?” podcast, but listening to people explaining what they look for in a book and why they love such and such book has led me to ask myself some hard questions. This may explain why I was slow to get writing lately, but I feel that it’s no waste of time.

You’d think that I’d have already thought this through, especially after so many years of blogging, but yes I’m fickle and emotional when it comes to my reading experience, while I tend to be more rational when I come to write. Does it make sense? Or is that a worrying sign of a split personality? Anyway, now I try to do the other way around. I try to put myself in the reader’s shoe while I write and I ask myself “would I love it in a book?” or “am I enjoying it?” and not only “does it make sense?” or “is it clear to the reader?”. I don’t know who coined it, but “Follow the Fun” is a mantra that resonates with me these days, in reading as much as in writing.

What are you doing for fun these days?


6 thoughts on “Writing ’16: April Update

  1. You are not the only one for whom quitting is hard. I have the same problem, and I think it’s a version of the sunk-cost fallacy, where I get into this mindset that I put ALL THIS WORK into the thing already, and it can’t all be for naught! But, truth is, sometimes it’s all for naught. :/

  2. From what you’ve written here, it seems that April was a very productive month for you, in the sense that you’re feeding and pruning the creative parts of you. I love reading about your thoughts on writing.

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