Writing ’16: June Update

What a month, my friends!

A month of new friends, of discoveries and revelations, of some regrets over mistakes, of school party and Harry Potter and a newly 8-year-old, a month of going places, of going nowhere, of taking stock of where we are. A month of deadlines, strikes and Brexit.

It was indeed a month of writing, but it was probably a bad month for writing stats. Yes, I finished a story. But I missed many days in the aftermath. Yes, I received amazing support, but I’m still floundering about goals and intentions.

This story I wrote, it had been in my mind for so many years, I was used to its incompletion, I was used to returning to it to add a few words, it was comforting to have it always somewhere nearby, and now it’s done. I would never have achieved it but for the amazing writing retreat I joined. I wrote for hours on end, something I didn’t know I could.

VilleferryI know what the logic next step is: editing it and sending it to a few good souls before thinking about sending it out into the world. But even that, I waver and procrastinate as if delaying that step will change anything. It’s really like a baby, whom you want to hold dear but now that it’s doing his own thing it’s no longer just about you. It’s time to shape it and polish it so it’s standing on its own. I have still many other stories that are waiting in my drawer.

Even if I did not write every single day, June was a very exciting month for my writing. It was a blessing to meet other writers in a supportive circle, to share our common struggles, to dare expressing our weaknesses, doubts and hopes. It was a true retreat because we stepped out of our routines and our worlds and entered a peaceful bubble for a few precious days. I hope it will fuel me for energy and sense of direction for the remaining months of the year!


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