Writing ‘016: July Update

westerBanner-2I am writing this post from Scotland, and whatever happened during the month of July seems quite far, far away… Looking at my notes I see that I wrote almost every day. But my writing was all over the place, with most of it being for blog posts and bits of scenes that sounded clunky and didn’t really go anywhere.

Regarding the long story I finished in June, I found that editing it was quite a challenge. I did some minor correcting and tried to make some scenes clearer, but I didn’t make any big change. I sent it to some friends for review after that. I’ll perhaps see editing under a new light once I’ll get my friends’ feedbacks. Whatever I did anyway, adding a few words or cutting a sentence or two, the wordcount is still firmly in the realm of a novella rather than a standard-sized short story. I am aware that novellas are probably the worst form because they exceed the magazines size requirements, and they don’t get published on their own either because they’re too short. But toward the end of the month I realized that small press in France seem more diverse in terms of novel size than what I expected so overall it’s rather good news. A month ago I still held tight to this story, but I feel that I have now let it go and I am ready to progress on something else now.


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