The Forgotten Trove

As days shorten and we spend more time indoors, I begin to go over our shelves and cupboards to see if we can get rid of unnecessary stuff before moving next year. It’s a long time before we do actually start packing, but selling stuff, finding the right recycling, donating and sorting out takes time, so I do it bit by bit, totally at odds with the whole Konmari philosophy.

From (no, it's not my home)

From (no, it’s not my home)

I had totally forgotten about one particular bookshelf, that holds treasures both read and un-read, and I should try to incorporate more of these un-read books into my queue rather than yielding to the temptations of the library. Here are some titles that held my attention:

  • Siri Hustvedt, the Sorrows of an American
  • Graham Greener,  the Quiet American
  • Ethan Canin, For kings and planets
  • Pawel Huelle, Rue Polanski (a Polish short story collection)
  • Three collections by Raymond Carver (I need to check which stories I already read)

Although I am guilty of buying books and letting them gather dust too, many of those unread books belong to my husband and so I have never even leafed them through. My husband has lots of books by Alison Lurie and Javier Marias and David Lodge. I remember loving Alison Lurie’s collection Women and Ghosts, but I don’t remember reading anything else, even the famous Foreign affairs (now I know that we own a French copy AND an English copy of this book, which seems a bit too much for a tiny Parisian apartment, don’t you agree?).

It would be awesome if (if only…) I could stick to the decision to read those books first and not go to the library and bring back others! Alas, I am running a library every Friday and I go to another one weekly with the kids, so I don’t really believe I can go cold turkey on libraries. Maybe I should take comfort in the thought that after moving, even if we find a place far away from a well-stocked library, I will still have all those titles available on a whim.

What would you read next from this treasure trove?


5 thoughts on “The Forgotten Trove

  1. I hear you! I find books on my shelves like this all the time and then so I don;t forget about them i move them to the shelf above my desk where I then forget about them until the shelf becomes too full and then i move books off the shelf and it starts all over!

  2. I can relate. My bedside cupboard is where I store books that I am planning to read – and then forget about them when something else comes along. I would probably read the Hustveldt but the Carver is fun to dip into and I’m curious to hear more about the Polish short stories. 🙂

  3. It’s rather nice to discover these hidden treasure, isn’t it? Graham Greene ‘The Quiet American’ gets my vote. Also, what Javier Marias do you have? I mean to go back to reading him sooner rather than later…

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