Writing ‘016: September Update

20160928_165121Oh my… When its already the eleventh of the month when you finally find the energy and time to review the previous month, doesn’t it tell you already all what you need to know? That’s a very accurate case of eleventh hour.

September was not all roses and red leaves (actually figs and dahlias, as we had a nice Indian summer here in Paris), it was just crammed with deadlines on the work front and many big and small adjustments on the home front, and all this left me precious little time to write.

It was hard to concentrate and focus on edits or on new creative endeavors, so I rather spent my precious minutes on the blog, not that you reader noticed much as I piled up drafts and never found time to edit, add pix and press that Publish button.

Hummm, my old demons of never finishing seem to rise up from the grave just in time for Halloween! Is it an incurable case of perfectionism or of exhausted foggy brain? Whatever the cause, I will just try to fight this terrible habit and publish this post tonight!


5 thoughts on “Writing ‘016: September Update

  1. Oh, dear, poor you, I know exactly what you mean! Hope the rest of the year works out a little better for you – and your writing. I try to tell myself that blog writing is better than no writing at all, but is it really? I’m undecided on that.

  2. I named today Follow-through Friday because of all the work and personal projects I had dangling about. It can be hard to follow through on the things that don’t bring money into the home but I think they are equally important when they bring meaning to our lives! This is Courtney, by the way. New blog. Long story. You can read about it there. xoxox

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