The Involuntary Digital Detox

Digital Detox seems to be all the rage. If you type it into Google, you’ll come up with 558,000 results(*). Like being in a remote place with a guru and sit still for a whole day. Like being in a camp where you relearn to breathe while being pampered in a spa. Like flying in a remote paradise island where you walk in the jungle far from any power outlet.

Ahem… Like the time I went with the kids to the seaside, forgetting my phone, not taking my computer and having no wi-fi in the rental apartment?

That’s a cold-turkey digital detox, and man, it hurts.

Also just at the point where I was a bit frantic, my headache reminded me that I had also decided to not drink coffee?

I tried to write, but the company of two mini-humans in 600 square feet close to a tv set and near a beach is not conducive to introspection or creativity. Trying to remain more or less sane is enough.

I tried to write blog posts longhand about books I had finished, but without Goodreads, I could not remember what books I was supposed to post about, what books I had already drafts about. The lack of coffee didn’t help, my brain was just mush.

So mush it was, and until it cleared up, I went to bed at the same time as the kids, and gobbled down a lot of books that were sitting in my Kindle calling for my attention (but not loud enough compared to the sirens of Facebook and such). I finished The Girl from Venice by Martin Cruz Smith, that I’d received through Netgalley, and I plunged headfirst into a memoir The Year of No Clutter by Eve Schaub (also a Netgalley read). I also nibbled a few more chapters from Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik (ironically, I read most of this Paris memoir outside of Paris).

I can’t say my mini-vacation did anything good for my writing, but it did a lot of good to my reading! If I can catch up, you’ll have a few more book posts soon!

(*) ETA: Now Google has about 8,4 million results for Digital Detox. Wow…


6 thoughts on “The Involuntary Digital Detox

  1. I wonder sometimes how much reading I’d do if I wasn’t checking my phone all the time. In reality, my reading numbers are about the same pre-smart phone v. post-smart phone. But I feel like my attention span has suffered. I would feel totally lost without my phone, though, especially on vacation. I use it so much for mapping and TripAdvisor reviews! I’m glad you got some good reading done, though!

    • Yes, I too have a much shorter attention span, but I wonder if it’s due to my phone or my kids 😉 ! I was lucky to have printed the route from the train station to the rental apartment, so no need for googlemaps, but other than that we were in a very very small town, not much to do but to relax and sit on a bench on the beach!

  2. I could do without devices for a weekend I GUESS, but I would collapse without coffee. I mean. I wouldn’t collapse. I’d be fine. I have solid evidence that I wouldn’t collapse, ie I gave up coffee for Lent a couple years back and I didn’t murder anyone, but it was NOT FUN and I do greatly prefer my life with coffee in it. :p

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