Unfinished Business: Something’s Gotta Give.

When I realized that there were only two months left before the end of 2016…

When I realized that my “currently reading” list in Goodreads has *only* 8 books… (who am I kidding that I can read 8 books at the same time? I still have only one brain and 2 eyes)

Then I knew I had to be realistic. I don’t mean to finish every book by any deadline, but my brain is just too all over the place, and frankly, some books are more appealing to me than others right now.

Among those that are very very appealing to me, I have numbers: 11.22.63 to be precise. I fell into this huge book by Stephen King and I’m about one third in. I listen to it on audiobook during my morning commute. Let’s just say I don’t really enjoy the dark, chilly mornings in deserted streets. People have raved about it, I’m probably the last one to rave about it but it’s so. so. good. Except the vivid descriptions of… Hmm, perhaps you just ate, so I’m going to spare you.

Among those that are appealing to me, but read in small increments, I’ll name “Paris to the moon” by Adam Gopnik. It’s good, and accurate, and a wonderful observation of my fellow countrymen. But it’s also aged (it was published in 2000) and I don’t feel the urgency.

Among those that I need to drop for now, I am sorry to mention Liane Moriarty’s Little Big Lies. I had such high expectations about this author (this is my first book by her), and this book’s first 150 pages are not meeting these expectations. I know this author is big, and so many people in the blog friends have said good things about this book, but I’m not really into it. I’m not crazy about the dual timeline and I just don’t connect with the kindergarten mommy crowd. I never was part of this crowd in real life, so they are just too foreign, and too catty for me. So I’m going to let this one go. Perhaps just for a few months.

What are you reading these days? What are you *not* reading?


5 thoughts on “Unfinished Business: Something’s Gotta Give.

  1. 11.22.63 is just a remarkable novel from start to finish – I loved every second of it and was so sad when it was over! I am STILL reading Voyager by Gabaldon which I have been reading for months now – I’ve really struggled with reading since leaving Sam. A friend told me that is because we need to be able to still our minds to read – something I never considered before. I think I am coming out of that funk now though and will be wrapping up Voyager and returning to a more voracious reading pattern for the rest of the year!

    • Gabaldon is the total escapist read, you chose a good one if any (I’ve only read the first of the series). I too have difficulty reading when something tough is going on in my life, except fluffy reads or YA sagas.

  2. My husband really liked the King book. It got made into a TV series. I watched the first couple of episodes but never finished it though my husband kept watching. One of these days I will get around to the book!

  3. The only Moriarty book I’ve read was The Hypnotist’s Love Story. I liked it. People rave about her and for some reason I’m just not all that interested in reading them.

    Right now I’m reading Bruce Springsteen’s memoir Born to Run and I am LOVING it. But then again I am a huge Springsteen fan.

  4. I can’t remember now which Liane Moriarty book I DNFed but you are not alone!! I started reading one of her books and didn’t find it nearly as sweet and comfortable as I was expecting to. Maybe I misunderstood the point of Liane Moriarty? Or was just not in the right mood?

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