Writing ‘016: October Update


Yes, this desk could probably be tidier… #nofilter

You can obviously see some progress if I gingerly step up to write the monthly update on the first day of November instead of letting it slip until the 11th day… Or you can just make an educated guess that November 1st is off in France, and moreover the end of a very very long holiday weekend (yeah!).

October was a roller-coaster. At times, I was utterly discouraged and I missed more days of writing than many months before. At other times, I found a new energy and took decisions. I sort-of-finished one story, and I decided to rewrite one other short story in French rather than in English. Editing is still a huge stumbling block of mine, because I need large chunks of time to handle it (which I don’t have) and I have a tendency to be too black-and-white in my editing : it’s either crap and I want to slash everything, or I don’t see a single word to remove and a single sentence to change.

The story I sort-of-finished will need a lot of editing, because I finished too abruptly (I was kind of fed up with working on it while knowing the end for some time, so I hurried to the conclusion). It’s a bittersweet story, and depending on the mood I am, I find it too gloomy or too mushy. It’s hard for me to find some balance there.

I also had the nagging feeling that the writing retreat I attended in June would sort all my problems out and would be a kind of epiphany. Writers and readers love epiphanies, don’t they? It was for some things, but for many other things, I still have to do the job, and can’t wait for the conditions to be ideal if I want to make any progress.

On other fronts, October was very busy and I hope November will be a bit calmer too. Some work projects are nearing the end and I need to use this opportunity to reclaim some breathing room (aka my lunch break and commute).


5 thoughts on “Writing ‘016: October Update

  1. Well, my November is definitely going to be super busy, but I’m determined to write 50K words anyway. I’ve promised myself I’m going to do it, and I am GOING TO DO IT. DO IT OR BUST. I am using you as an inspiration — I am always so impressed that you plug away so hard at it and stay dedicated, it’s awesome.

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