Christmas Literary Bounty

20161229_203714The short interruption wasn’t really planned, ahem, but family visits took us across France and time and wi-fi weren’t exactly aplenty. On the other hand, we had plenty of food (foie gras, buche and the like), plenty of sweet moments… and plenty of presents of the literary sort as well!

My husband surprised me with books that I know little about and would not have selected myself!

  • a biography of Philip Sassoon
  • a biography of 6 society ladies in the Roaring twenties and before the Second World War
  • a philosophical novel about marriage
  • a venture into true crime with a nanny killed in Belgravia (it’s been a long time since I wanted to try something in the true crime genre)
  • a murder mystery with a secret mission to Moscow in 1920
  • another murder mystery based on the true story of a catholic priest who ran a huge fraud and inspired some theories of the Da Vinci code
  • (not in the picture, a book about Hamilton, the musical!)

Now, with the poorly lit picture of the book pile, can you guess (without checking on Goodreads) which is which? Bonus point if you can guess which book I have already started… I hope your bookish wishes were fulfilled during the holidays!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Literary Bounty

  1. I know the philosphical novel about marriage because it’s on my TBR! Anne Bogel of the What Should I Read Next podcast has talked about it as well – The Course of Love. Those descriptions all sound enticing. Happy reading!

  2. Hmm. I think I would have started one of the mysteries or the true crime–also a genre I tend to not read, but that one looks good and I have already added the Evans and Thompson to my own wishlist. Good choices on the part of your husband–will he read them when you finish with them! 😉 I think the 1920s Moscow Murder mystery must be one of the French ones as I don’t see it otherwise and I am curious about it–that is one I might have to read now, too! Is a buche a Yule log–sponge cake rolled with filling in the middle and iced to look like a log? Or am I just fantasizing about having a slice of it now. Lovely gifts—such a bounty. I only got one book of short stories and a book of photos from Liverpool–both wonderful but I am greedy and want a pile as big as yours! Happy New Year Smithereens!

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