The Day of my Inner Nerd

stats-thumb-290x217-264I let my inner nerd persona out in the open only once a year (or so I hope, but if you see her roaming on this blog during the rest of the year, please stop her, muffle her and drop me a line): today is the day where my inner nerd is allowed to compute stats about my reading (and writing too). So let her gloat for five minutes, and if you’re not into these kind of things, come back tomorrow where I will discuss books for their quality, not their sheer quantity.

Nerdish Smithereens is happy to report that we (the nerd and I) have read 76 books in 2016, a bit more than last year. My reading is about equally shared between French writers (30%), American writers (21%), British (22%) and the rest of the world. I read mostly contemporary books, because Netgalley books are a big, and growing share of my reading (21 books this year, vs 6 last year when I started for real). Still, I can see that I requested fewer books in the later part of the year, and I want to keep that trend down and be more selective about ARC books that require my time and attention. In 2016, I read almost no audiobook (because podcasts took up most of my listening time), at the notable exception of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 that was more than 30 hours long!

I’m glad to see that I seem to have tamed the mystery monster (the one that makes you read one thriller or murder mystery after the other until you have only read from that genre!), at least in paper form (that genre only accounts about 20% of my reading). Alas, Mr. Smithereens can attest that I have *not* tamed the mystery monster hidden in the TV and DVD player, because he would like to watch other shows than murder mysteries, which he only gets to do when I am busy… writing for the evening.

Speaking of the writing front, I have managed to keep the momentum that started in 2015. My resolution is to write every single day, blog or no blog, fiction or diary or book posts. Some days are tough, some days words are pouring (hmm, perhaps not so much). The threshold of 50 words minimum was low enough to make me stick to it (it’s the principle of Tiny Habits, and apparently, yes, it’s a thing). Every month, I missed 3 to 5 days, but overall the word count added up. I wrote 318 days out of 365, and this year even holidays and family time didn’t completely derail my plans.

Of course, going to a writing retreat for the first time in my life was a major motivation, but almost as important is the accountability that this blog gives me. So I owe you, reader, for your continuous encouragement along the way!

So now, let me lock my inner nerd up once more and throw her calculator away. Enough about the past, let me turn to this brand new year and send you, reader, my warmest wishes for 2017!


5 thoughts on “The Day of my Inner Nerd

    • I love so many podcasts. Those I follow on a regular basis: This American Life, Radiolab, Sorta Awesome, The Happier Podcast. On a semi regular basis: the Simple Show, What should I read next. Serial, Invisibilia, In the dark, Heavyweight. Mmmh, I might have forgotten a few but you get the idea. I’m an addict too. What’s your favorites?

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