The One with the Twisted Neighbors

Cass Green, The Woman Next Door (2016)

This one is a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”, those kinds of sad love stories where it could have worked, should have worked, but for circumstances, bad timing or missed opportunities.

I think I heard of this book through Marina Sofia, and I bought it on Amazon Kindle for a song. The premises are just right up my alley: two neighbors with different life circumstances and dark secrets of their own, get embroiled together in a suspenseful journey.

The book is built around alternating points of view between the young and wealthy Melissa with her perfect house and perfect husband and her dowdy, bitter, lonely, creepy old neighbor Hester. The thing is, it’s a slow burner and both women aren’t really likeable. I could have been interested in other circumstances, but these days, I need either likeable characters, or a good pace to keep focused on the page.

Moreover, we have had some dispute with our own neighbors recently (again, who hasn’t?) and I’m not feeling particularly neighborly these days. I reached 40% of the book, but the pace didn’t seem to pick up so I called it a day. It doesn’t mean that plenty of people may find it perfectly alright!


3 thoughts on “The One with the Twisted Neighbors

  1. Oh dear, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your neighbors! I feel like I go through phases — periods where everything’s fine and my neighbors are lovely, and then periods where I want to regularly murder them. My current neighbors are very nice. The ones to one side are thumpy and screamy at odd times, but I’ve adjusted and now don’t wake up halfway through the night.

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