Writing ’17: February Status


February wasn’t a bad month when it came to writing. I managed to write every single day but for 3 days, considering I was away with the kids for almost a week (which is typically not conducive of writing). I didn’t focus on any single project and felt a bit scatterbrained: a few words on a story here, a few diary entries there, one or two unfinished blog posts. I finished quite a few books that I’d read for the last 2 months, so my drawer is full of book blog drafts (that you will get to read soon enough!).

On the fiction side, I have received a rejection for my novella. I had sent it to a small French press specialized in novellas back in December. The market for short stories in France is quite limited (there are no literary journals publishing fiction), but there is a market for short novels. This small press was looking for novellas exactly the size of mine, so I had to try!

At the same time, browsing through their back list gave me an inkling that their published novellas were probably too high-brow / experimental / literary compared to my noir-ish / realist story. Which was confirmed to me last weekend.

The rejection e-mail was detailed enough to let me know that the person has read my story (in full or not, I can’t tell). It still stings, because it criticizes the lack of formal creativity and such. It’s a bit hard to hear said so bluntly, especially as genre fiction is not meant to be formally creative (I don’t mean to say that genre fiction is badly written, but genre fiction means that there are some conventions, by definition). I appreciated that the person took the time to tell me exactly why though.

If it’s not a good fit, at least it has encouraged me to look elsewhere and find another small press that would be interested in genre fiction and short novels. I have found a few names where I could send my manuscript in March.


8 thoughts on “Writing ’17: February Status

  1. Awww, shame about the rejection – but at least you got some personalised feedback. Sounds like it was perhaps a bit too pretentious a place for your novella. Hope you find something more suitable soon.

  2. *hug* I’m sorry you got such a disappointing response, but it’s at least good that they clearly read it. And if they’re rejecting it on the basis that you didn’t do something you weren’t trying to, I totally agree that means it wasn’t a good fit. I’m going to keep my fingers so crossed for you going forward. I believe in you! ❤

  3. Sorry the publisher didn’t take your novella. but you tried and that’s more than a lot of us can say! Nice you got some personal feedback though. Do you think you will do any revising before sending off to another place? I am sure you will eventually find a home for it. Persistence!

  4. I am just so impressed you submitted it! What a great step with your writing, and I agree – at least he read it all the way through. Even though it can feel hurtful at first, it will serve to strengthen your work over time. Way to go!

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