Writing ’17: March Status

P1020366My original plan for March was to progress in the French version of a story I’d written in English originally and to resubmit my novella in March immediately.

I did neither, but I don’t feel bad. Quite the contrary.

I have looked at my novella with fresh eyes and found that if I wanted to submit it as a very short novel (there is a market for that in France, both in literary fiction and in YA / middle-grade fiction), it should be structured in chapters, and it should be a bit longer.

So I am working again on my novella, structuring it and fattening it up. I read novellas recently, and every single time I felt a bit frustrated and wished there had been more, so I definitely am applying this conclusion to my own text now.

P1020358Otherwise, my writing routine had some highs and lows this month. I have been missing 5 days in the month, which is more than usual, because the upcoming move (with its legal, financial and practical parts) is taking up most of my energy.

I have learnt that a good friend of mine has won a short story competition and will be published. How thrilling! There are just a few literary journals that publish short stories in France, but short story competitions do work. I didn’t feel inspired to write on a given subject up to now but I should definitely look more into it. I also received a nice email from an author I had written about here on the blog, and it felt quite nice that this person had taken the time to write personally.


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