Writing ‘017: May Status

coucousI can’t believe how quickly May disappeared! On the writing front I can’t say I’ve made much progress, although I only missed 3 days of writing in the month.

I have been busy writing posts (a lot of drafts in the drawers, you guys, but I will finish them soon, I promise!) and writing silly stories. I have 3 unfinished stories where I just kind of rambled on quirky situations, one of them very nearly finished but I can’t seem to find a satisfactory ending.

I suspect it’s because they aren’t very good. I aimed at entertaining myself from the current stressful situations (mortgage! real-estate closing! moving! politics! climate! world doom!), but I wasn’t entirely successful, so I don’t even want to imagine bothering a reader with my silly stories. I read widely this month and many stories (and movies) reminded me to try new things and be more daring. I love being baffled and disturbed by a story. I don’t think I have the peace of mind to do it right now in my own writing. I’m so busy with life stuff that my imagination has very little room for the time being. But it’s only a season, and during fall things should return progressively to a new normal.

On the submitting front, I sent my story to 2 more publishers this month, but one of them apparently disappeared. That is, my manuscript envelope came back with “address unknown”. How weird is that? (Yes, before you ask, in France most publishing companies want you to send your story printed on paper, they don’t want e-mails… we’re a very traditional country… ) Do you think they went bankrupt or moved away? Their website and Facebook is still at the address I used. At least, I didn’t get a rejection letter…


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