Writing ‘017: July Status

TerrariumLet’s keep it brief, shall I? As expected, July wasn’t the most startling period to write. I tried to write every day, but I stopped for 5 days because… well, boxes, disruption of routine, last-minute repairs and shopping, exhaustion. I have not found my new routine yet, and with the summer August break, I can’t see that happening before September. I have been writing my diary, but my creativity is low. I don’t have the energy to submit again, especially after visiting some chain bookstores where row after row of books seem rather interchangeable.

Meh, don’t worry about me, a change of scenery will help freshen things up, and I might get new ideas! We are off tomorrow for two weeks. I am bringing my Kindle with me, fully stocked with exciting titles. We will be discovering Bavaria and resting from the recent events on the banks of the Danau, the Isar and the Inn rivers.


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