Writing ‘017: August Status + Update

To be fair, I’m not sure where I’m going with these monthly recaps. I feel that I’m writing the same every single month. August was not great for fiction writing but I kept a regular regimen of diary and book posts writing.

I didn’t expect much. August is always a break in my routine because that’s the month when many (most?) French people take their annual leave, and since the kids are not at school the daily rhythm is irregular even when I’m working. And this year with the new house it was even more disrupted.

I can’t see myself *not* writing, but my fiction projects have been on hold for a while. Is it only due to the house move or is it a new season? I have had other periods in my life where I didn’t write stories at all. What’s for sure is that the coming weeks and months will be busy with establishing a new routine in our new town, with  improving our new home, with trying to make new contacts (new friends?), and I’m not sure what’s left for story writing.

I have found great comfort in the last few months in journaling (I even tried an idea that I heard on the Sorta awesome podcast: the 5 minutes diary, where you write with a timer, a mix between free write and writing with a constraint). And of course, the blog is here to stay. I have no less than 9 drafts (other than these posts) that are lingering, and I do want to share my reading experiences!

In the past, I have always experienced that the more I was looking for story ideas, the more they eluded me. On the contrary, when my mind was free (carefree?) and daydreaming aimlessly, the weirdest ideas were popping up like mushrooms after the rain. That’s the reason why I’ll keep my writing recaps private until further notice.


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