The One with the  Body in the Gallery

Judith Flanders, A Bed of Scorpions (2015)

Arrgh, this is the second time that a post draft disappears from my phone’s WordPress app. This is the evil punishment that WordPress engineers have come up for people like me who start so many blog posts and never finish them. They know that I bow my head with shame and guilt and that I will never complain… After all, I have only started this book in… June… and finished it… within days.

Was it good? Oh yes, of course, it was good. But I’m no objective reviewer, because I love everything Judith Flanders writes about. (That’s why it took me so long to write this post!) When she wrote serious books, I immersed myself in the Victorian world she describes. And now that she writes cosy mysteries, I rejoice in the familiar characters and the witty banter. I’m sure that Flanders sneaks in a lot of realistic details in her plots, but to me it’s pure escapism.

Samantha Clair is a sensible, 40ish single woman working in publishing (and who has no illusion about this business), plagued with an overbearing (but supremely efficient) mother, but she also has a- a boyfriend in Scotland Yard, b- friendly neighbors and c- friends in contemporary art galleries. It’s hard not to feel for her (not that I identify with her particular situation, but…). I’d love to be friend with Samantha Clair, but she’s an introvert so she might turn down my invitation and stay home to read a good book. Anyway, when her friend’s partner in the gallery is found dead, she (unwittingly of course) meddles with the investigation.

She’s a classic mystery heroin, fun and plucky (although a little too self-deprecating for my taste), so opposite with the moping, over-anxious heroine from The Woman in Cabin 10. Now that I have checked that Judith Flanders wrote a third book in the series, I will quickly add that one to my reading queue!


5 thoughts on “The One with the  Body in the Gallery

  1. I love these books. I keep checking to see if there is a fourth one on the way but so far no luck. It’s the comic slant on the book world that draws me in rather than the crime element. I come back for more every time.

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