The Na-wrimo Pledge

P1020929 - CopieYou may have noticed that I blog more irregularly these days than before. I have never been very regular anyway, but I have let many deadlines and routines go when it comes to writing and blogging. I often blame the poor internet connection in our new home (and we are bound with a 1 year contract, so we’ll be able to switch provider only next summer!), but I know it’s not really the truth. Many books are waiting on the sidelines, many post drafts are waiting to be finished and published. And they will be, one day, hopefully soon!

I don’t want to feel guilty and apologize whenever I show up here. I just want to make clear that I haven’t moved on or moved away from blogging. It’s not as if I had taken a new sport or a new hobby! I just need some time to recover my routine and find a new pace to write.

I have worked on a long story / novella on the side, long-hand. Yes, with a pen and a notebook! How revolutionary… This is a story I started years ago and never finished, but I am now clearer than I ever been where I want to lead it. I also switch from English to French and back, which is not great. I’m not sure it will be any good when finished, but gosh… it will feel good to complete it anyway. Remember Anne Lamott’s shitty first draft, right? More than ten years ago I joined the Nanowrimo and I remember what it feels like to write so many words every single day for 30 days straight. I had no kids then… and I made it to the finish line of 50,000 words.

I’m not that ambitious for this year, but I still feel strongly about writing every single day. Stories, memoirs, diary, gratitude lists. You will not see it here online every day, but I’m in the rear kitchen, cooking up something. It simmers for hours on end. And every day, a few more words add up to the richness of the gravy. If everything goes well, I should have a shitty first draft by the end of the month.


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