Library Haul

You might think I have abandoned the library at my workplace because I rarely mention it. No, I still volunteer there every week! But I have been so busy with the real estate snafu in the first semester that I didn’t find the time to order any new books in English for the library.

And believe it or not, people have been noticing! “Oh, you actually don’t have the latest [insert writer / title]?” “Well, I have read all the [writer / title] available…” Still, I have a budget envelope to use up, so I have started to catch up!

Without further ado, here is the latest delivery of books in English (sorry about the poor quality photo!). I have tried to focus on bestsellers with a rather straightforward language, because most readers have English as a second language and they are easily spooked by specialized vocabulary and stylistic flourishes. Still, I find it very hard to judge a book by its vocabulary level. The ones on the far left are Snoopy and Peanuts collections, because people are less impressed by short comic strips. I have also ordered a whole bunch of bilingual editions (left page in English, right page in French), but they are not in yet.

Can you guess which book went out first?


8 thoughts on “Library Haul

    • Mmh, nope. People are actually scared of the special Potter vocabulary, you know? Like Muggles are Moldus in French, etc. I’ve witnessed people taking it from the Acquisition shelf and then putting it back in utter discouragement.

  1. I can see that the suspense is killing you… Sophie Kinsella was the first to get out of the shelves. Nothing magical, nothing dark and gritty. And Jojo Moyes a close second.
    Readers from our library apparently need hugs and good feelings. Maybe we should consider offering hot cocoa for the winter months?

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