The One with the Mariachis

Michael Connelly, The Burning Room (2014)

I usually read one Connelly every few years and upon finishing it, with a little satisfied sigh, I wonder every single time why I’d waited so long before reading another one. Well, this time I acted upon it and went for a second helping of Bosch goodness within the same season!

It is my understanding that “The Burning Room” follows rather closely, if not immediately “The Black Box”. In French, each title was so different from the original that I kept confusing them. “Mariachi Plaza”, for “The Burning Room”, in reference to the first cold case Bosch tackles in this book, a random shooting of musicians in an open ground, apparently linked to gangs, while the English title refers to the second cold case Bosch is introduced to by his new partner, a young female Mexican-American detective named Lucia Soto, who investigates the criminal arson that resulted in the death of several children in an illegal daycare.

I liked the interactions between the seasoned, slightly jaded and cynical detective and the rookie detective who has to figure out the right moves in the job. I can’t say it was fully surprising or original, but you get what you expect and you’re not disappointed, which is the whole point of comfort reads, isn’t it? Of the two I read last year, I did prefer “The Black Box” because of Bosch, revisiting his own actions in the past, but this one is a classic. And the good news is, if I start reading them in order, the next one in the series is actually a Mickey Haller & Bosch investigation. What a treat for 2018!


4 thoughts on “The One with the Mariachis

  1. I’m always happy to see a Michael Connelly being discussed! He’s my favorite crime/suspense writer. In fact, I just started watching the Amazon Prime show BOSCH based on the books, and it’s SO addictive! I love it. There are three seasons and I’m not gonna lie, my reading is taking a back seat right now.

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