#UnreadShelfProject January Update

49304967_411823712689749_2472884066192988807_nI’m not really into Bookstagram, but I stumbled upon the Unread Shelf Project on Instagram when I heard about it on the popular podcast What Should I Read Next by Anne Bogel.

It seemed like the perfect idea to me. I don’t have huge piles everywhere at home, but the shelves we have are full (and frankly we have no space for new shelves). In addition to my husband’s books, I own a lot of perfectly delightful books that I don’t read, just because I always get to the library books first.

Why is that? Because library books have a deadline, and I have the feeling that I have all the time in the world for my own books, which is of course not quite true. So Whitney from the Unreadshelfproject has a drastic proposition: I choose one book from my own shelves for a dedicated month, and I have to finish it by the end of the book, otherwise… (avert your eyes if you’re sensitive) it goes to the nearest free library. That’s a challenge with consequences, but I totally get this philosophy and I feel that I can do it (…says the girl who never, ever follows through with a book challenge…)

For January, the challenge said to choose any book. That much I can follow through with. But given that I’m totally undisciplined when it comes to books, I decided that I would choose 2 books to read in January, and if I finished any of the 2 I would count it good. I chose two titles that sat on my nightstand for the better part of 2018:

  • Laurent Binet, The 7th Function of Language, a French comedy that I started reading in August… 2017… while in holidays and promptly stopped reading at the end of the holidays, for no good reasons, because the book made me laugh so hard.
  • Jane Gardam, The Man in the Wooden Hat, a book that my husband gave me for my birthday… early last… year. Ahem. I’d never heard of Jane Gardam before, but I understand that my husband thought it was a good fit for me because of the Hong Kong background of the characters.

I’ve been making good progress on both books, so clearly the challenge is working so far! What about your good resolutions?

2 thoughts on “#UnreadShelfProject January Update

  1. Hooray! I’m also participating in this “challenge.” It’s pretty low-key, which I like. I didn’t really like the book I chose for January, but at least it’s leaving my house (going to the Friends of the Library.)

  2. Nic work! I hope the progress continues! I am trying to read a few of my own books too this year but so far not having much success as a pile of holds came in from the library all at the same time and I have been making my way through those before their return dates.

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