Pod Review Aug. 31 – Sept. 6


Podcasts are my trusted source of entertainment and culture during my commute, and I was glad to return to my daily listening time. This week I mostly listened to Radiolab as I caught up with past episodes:

  • Radiolab G mini series Einstein’s brain – where did Einstein’s brain go? What does it tell us?
  • Radiolab G mini series Unfit – a chilling account of eugenism in the US.
  • Radiolab G mini series Unnatural selection – genetic testing for intelligence.
  • Without Fail (Gimlet podcast) interview of Ira Glass: the man who launched a thousand podcasts. This is a must-hear if you’re, like me, a fan of Ira Glass. A moving appeal to excellence in podcasting, in creation, and in management in general.
  • ♥ Radiolab (08/23/2019) The Right to be forgotten: fascinating debate on journalists having to deal with requests to delete information from Internet websites for old misdemeanors or crimes that keep popping up into people’s lives long after they have paid their due to society. What information should stay? What can be expurged and why? This episode takes you at the heart of very important questions enabled by Internet.
  • Sinica Podcast My Chinese Roots, an interview with a genealogical research startup. Contrary to the previous podcast, this one is about people trying to know about their long lost ancestors in China.

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