Pod Review October 5 – 11

CaptureHave you listened to something great this week? For me, it was rather a hit-and-miss kind of week:

The meh… not for me

  • Sorta Awesome #214 the Enneagram gets married – I still don’t get Enneagram, is there a number for me?
  • This American Life #682 Burn it down
  • Brooke Castillo #287 Passing through neutral. Way too abstract for me this time
  • The Simple Show by Tsh Oxenreider #205 My Good List summer series with Cindy Wang Brandt

The good

  • Edit your life Podcast #176 Fall Plans
  • Change ma vie by Clotilde Dusoulier #116 la colère (anger)
  • Reading the end #123 Settings, more hatening and a game – I confess that I half-listened to some parts of the conversation, but questioning the importance of book setting was interesting, and the literary game was super fun!
  • Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam The one habit that can revolutionize your time
  • Rough Translation Oct. 2 Mom In Translation – the season finale

The great

  • Best of Both Worlds podcast by Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger: #110 Interview with from Grown and Flown author Lisa Heffernan on teenagers
  • Heavyweight #24 Jimmy and Mark. What can I say? I was so looking forward to this new season, it gets me every time. I cringe at the beginning at the awkwardness and before the end I’m melting and I’m on the verge of tears.

2 thoughts on “Pod Review October 5 – 11

    • Many profiles in the enneagram seem to fit, I didn’t click perfectly to any one in particular. I have tried several online free tests and they give different results every time… how frustrating!

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